About Developer Finance Hub


The Developer Finance Hub is a team of like minded professionals providing a sophisticated  finance technology that brings together Banks, Lenders and property developers all in the one market place.

“Our goal is to provide an efficient market place where transactions can be facilitated within days and access to money is easy & simple”.

The result will be quicker transactions, more informed clients, more efficient use of time and a better way to do business.

Senior Debt

Are you sourcing the best finance deal around?

Up to 80% TDC

Keep your lenders competitive. Access local banks, institutional funds, non-banks and overseas lenders.

Private Equity

Gain access to private lenders and family offices.

Private Equity up to 85% LVR

Higher geared finance solutions are sometimes needed for initial stages.

Structured Finance

Source end-to-end services for capital structuring.

Bespoke Capital Structuring

Get the best advice from those in the know with detailed feasibility and cash flow analysis and interest rate strategic advice.

Zero Pre-Sales

No presales, no problems, we have solutions for that too.

Pre-Sale Underwriting

With our pre-sale underwriting guarantee in place you can start construction immediately and decide to sell when the timing is right for you.

Developer Finance Hub Services

Imagine a finance marketplace where you, the property developer can meet lenders eager to finance your developments? Imagine no more, using our sophisticated technology, lenders now compete for your business giving you more options and the best deal, quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Why Choose Us

      • Directly source Lenders, ready and willing to lend.
      • Simple & Easy to use finance service.
      • Secure, reliable & a trustworthy service.
      • A quick & efficient way to secure finance for your projects.
      • We offer free support because we care about your site as much as you do.

What Client’s Say

Such a unique and innovative service. My developer clients were contacted within hours and were able to get an indicative offer faster than the banks were doing. I am very happy with this finance service.
Bernard Tan (Principal), Keypoint Law
Finally a development finance solution that is simple, quick & easy. I no longer have to run around trying to meet with financiers, they now come to me. This is a truly innovative solution and a game changer for development finance
Huy Tran (COO), Horwood
A fantastic concept and service. Developer Finance HUB gives us a platform where we are now able to access property developers we have never met and conduct business together. A truly innovative service.
Graham Cash, Equity Shield

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