Complete Application Process

Simple online application & secure document room.

Complete all the relevant fields

With our smart technology, you can access multiple lenders from the one place and your deal is prepared exactly how they need it, meaning a quicker approval time.

Lenders Quickly Review

Efficient review process means quicker response.

Only high level details can be seen

Get a quick response within 24-48 hours. No more waiting weeks for a response.

Accept Best Offer

Now you can get on with your project quickly.

Receive multiple offers

Assess and review each offer side by side using our advanced finance comparison table, that way you can compare apples with apples.

Simple Finance Process

Forget about the old days of calling banks and financiers, then running around town to have meetings, printing off your valuations, feasibilities, build contracts, research etc or then trying to email PDF’s that are too big and keep bouncing. With our simple and easy to use online application process, you input your project details into our accredited format, upload all of your documents in the one secure document room, making it all ready for your lender to approve.


Lenders Review High Level Details


Initially Lenders will only be able to review your projects high level details. That is, suburb and finance requirements. They can’t see any of your specific details or documentation. If they are then interested they can respond to request further information. If you are interested in dealing with them, you can choose to accept their inquiry. Since we understand and respect the commercial sensitivity of all deals, only when you approve a lender will you be able to give them access to your document room to access all of your documents such as valuations, DA’s, planning approvals, build contracts etc.

Receive Multiple Finance Offers

Now you can receive multiple offers for your development finance requirement and assess and review each offer side by side using our advanced finance comparison table, that way you can compare apples with apples. This sophisticated tool and process will make it easier for you to be able to make an informed decision when choosing the right lender to go with.


Accept Best Finance Offer


Once you have decided who you want to go with, you approve the final lender and the formal application process commences. Since all of the relevant documentation and information has already been input during the approval process, the time for you to receive formal approval from the lender should be very short thus enabling you to proceed with your development quickly.


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